January 17, 2008

National Board Day

I'm at Panera, working on my National Board portfolio.
I'm feeling panicky.
I have a lot to do.
I'm overwhelmed.
I still have a list of things to do for the entry I started in November.
I have 3 other entries to write.
It is due March 31.
I don't know how I will get it all done.
I could go on and on but I have to get back to work.
Breathe in, breathe out, repeat.


Anonymous said...

Just take some deep breaths and try not to panic. Better yet, get a bottle of wine!! No seriously, it. will. all. be. fine. Call if you need to vent! Curtis and I will see you Tuesday!

Boo said...

don't worry...you'll get it all done and celebrate when u pass!!!!

Sarah said...

Don't worry! You'll get it done! :) And think how relieved you'll be!

Stephanie said...

Believe! You will get it done...