January 27, 2008

News around here.

* Wilson and Luke went back to the doctor on Thursday. Wilson had a bad ear infection in his right ear. They gave him numbing drops and motrin at the doctor. Luke's coughing and runny nose is still just a cold so he is waiting it out.
*The 3 day week at school felt like a really LONG week! Not sure how, with it only being 3 days... Hoping this week goes at a faster pace!
* I'm not looking forward to my day of laundry and schoolwork. Lots to do! That's why I'm blogging.
* We went over to my mom and dad's house for a short visit last night. Aunt Terry had bought 3 new remote control cars! Wilson and Luke were so excited they could hardly eat dinner before our visit. We had a blast!
* Wilson told me today that he wants to make jam with me. Totally out of the blue. I've made jam once ever on my own! Don't know where he heard about that! So I told him we'd go to a strawberry patch this summer and make jam together!
* Wilson is officially signed up for Preschool and Teeball!! Yea!
* Wilson has started making up stories to tell me. They are so cute! He talks really quietly, so he's a little embarrased. Today he made one up about a mean farmer at the strawberry patch! He cracks me up...most of the time!
* Luke is getting to be such a big boy! He is finally cutting two more teeth up top. Only 2 more to go on the bottom. He loves pushing his baby and Henry around the house in the stroller he got from Cara and Jason for Christmas. He also loves trains. He's really into this book we checked out at the Library. I totally have to buy it. It's a great book! It's called Hey! Wake Up! By Sandra Boynton. We have a lot of her books!
Off to change the laundry...

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