January 20, 2008


Well I talked to Wilson about signing up for Teeball. He was pumped! Saying he would be so excited. Then he said he was scared because he didn't know how to play. I told him he would be on a team and have a coach that would teach him how to play. Sign ups start next Saturday. The next day we were talking about teeball again and he said I want to play golfball. Not golf, golfball! What logical thinking! Baseball, teeball, basketball, football...golfball! I said you can't play golf at 4 years old, you'll have to wait. So then we got into talking about how Uncle Mac or Paw Paw could take him to the driving range sometime. I think he's mostly referring to putt-putt golf because that is what he has played before. We told him he can go golfing when it warms up. So next weekend I'll sign him up for Teeball. I think it will be really good for him to be on a team and get some energy out!

Also, he has his preschool visit on Wednesday! I'm really hoping I can leave school for about an hour to meet him and Andy there. I'm so excited that he will be starting school in September! He sure is growing up!

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