January 2, 2008

Snow Day!!

Last night at 10pm, I was laying in bed reading. Andy was on the look out for school closings. I figured I wouldn't know anything until morning. He came in and turned off my alarm and said school's out! I read a lot longer than I would have otherwise and was very thankful for one more day! Wilson and Daddy went outside in the 9 degree weather this morning - for just a little while! The wind chill was -7! When they came in Wilson had some hot chocolate. Since, we've been to the library to check out new books, Dillards to try and find new shoes - success for Wilson! Still can't find a store with either of their sizes in a brown shoe. Wilson chose new tennis shoes. They are quite ugly! They are leather Nike tennis shoes with some lime green and black on them. He LOVED them and could get them on and off really easily. So he wore them out of the store! They are part of his birthday present from Mimi and Poppy. I'll have to post at picture of them later. The camera battery is charging! Andy and I kept mouthing/whispering how ugly we thought they were...but that is not a battle to fight! There are plenty of other things I tell him no to so I thought what the heck!

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Stephanie said...

Wilson looks so cozy in his big coat! Hey Wilson, want to come shovel Aunt Stephanie's driveway??? :)