January 23, 2008

Big Day...

2 tens 9 ones
Yikes. I'm getting old.
Next year it will be well let's not even talk about next year. Here I was going into shock about almost being out of my 20's. Arrrghhh. I know all you older and wiser people think 29 is nuthin'. But. It SOUNDS old to me!
Just to add insult to injury, I had x-rays done on my back this week. Found out my spine has some problems. Roughly 12-13% scoliosis. Exercises, electrical stimulation, etc. So some treatment has been recommended, nothing serious, it would have to be 20% or higher for a brace or something. Right now I'm thinking I was to go to my regular physician before doing too much. Hmm...

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Cara said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite sister!