April 6, 2008

Baby #3

Ok, we officially decided we are finding out the sex of the baby! As long as he/she cooperates we'll know on April 29th. On our way camping we happened to have one of those new tiny phone books in the jeep. Both of the boys had fallen asleep so I suggested names as I flipped through the phonebook. Honestly, I'm kind of expecting this to be a boy! It always has been. I will be very surprised if it's a girl. We'll be thrilled no matter what. I honestly would be okay with 3 boys or 2 boys and 1 girl. Honest! Oh, and I've felt flutterings for the last couple weeks! I kept telling myself there was no way this was the baby yet, that I was imagining things. BUT, at the dr appt they asked me and I told them what I just wrote and the nurse said "oh, with this being your 3rd you could definitely be feeling flutters by now!" So exciting!!

Boy names:
-Marshall Wade
-Ty (I just like Ty. Mom thought of Tyler Wade and call him Ty. Not sure if I want his name to be Tyler. No middle names we've thought of for just Ty yet.)
- Henley (Mom has already made her opinion clear here!! Plus we realized having a Finley & a Henley in the family is kind of dorky!! I still like it though!)
- Timothy Wade

Girl Names:
-Claire Ellen
-Lauren Claire

**We have a family name in each of the boys' names. I want this one to have a family or special friend name in it too. Wade and Claire are special friend names. Ellen in my mom's name! What name(s) do you like from these??


Cara said...

My favorite girl name is Claire Ellen. I think Claire McSpadden sounds good.

I'm undecided on the boy names. I guess I would vote no to Henley. I like Ty if it was short for Tyler.
Wilson, Luke & Tyler

Wilson, Luke & Clair*** :)

Gayla said...

I like Tyler and Claire!!

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Sarah said...

I LOVE Claire Ellen and I like Tyler, too.

Stephanie said...

I am going on a different limb here...I kind of like Marshall. The more I say it, the cuter it sounds. Of course, I like either for Claire...too bad Andy didn't like Emelia/Amelia!

Boo said...

I LOVE Claire! I really like all the boy names but I think I like Marshall the best right now. Wilson, Luke and Marshall...that sounds really nice

Anonymous said...

I really like Claire Ellen and I am with Stephanie . . . I like Marshall for a boy.

BARDLY said...

The Lord spoke to me this morning in a vision...you are to name this child Bardly! Boy or Girl....Bardly is the name for this child! Thus sayeth the LORD!