April 5, 2008

Season 3

The One with the Morning After
Okay, this epidsode is my favorite from Season 3. It starts out with a recap of the one where Ross and Rachel take a break. Rachel is frustrated with Ross because he is jealous of all the time she spends at work. In her frustration she says "maybe we should just take a break." Ross went out that night to a party and ended up bring the copy girl home. So, the episode starts with Ross in bed, under the covers. All the sudden he hears "good morning" and he sits up in bed with the covers still covering his face! It is hilarious. He remembers what happens and is upset. He listens to a message on his machine from Rachel saying she wants to get back together etc. Says she'll stop by on her way to work, which happens to be very soon. The copy girl is still there and Ross tries to hurry her out the door. When he opens the door Rachel is there and they hug and kiss. Ross is upset with himself and doesn't know what to do. He goes over to Joey and Chandler's to ask for advice. They tell him to never tell Rachel what he did. Then Joey asks him if he thought about the trail...which Ross doesn't even know about. They tell him the trail is from the girl Ross did it with to the girl he never wants to find out. So they figure out what the trail is and Ross runs all over town to stop the trail but he is too late. Gunther has already told Rachel and she is crushed. Meanwhile Monica and Phoebe are getting ready to be waxine girls with the new wax Monica ordered off an infomercial. They start to wax their legs and yell so loudly that Joey and Chandler run over to see what is wrong. While they are all in Monica's room, Rachel and Ross come home and fight for hours. Rachel keeps telling him it is over because she can't get over the fact that he was with another woman. Ross keeps begging for her to give him another chance. This goes on for hours while the rest of the friends are stuck in Monica's bedroom until after 3am. They are all hungry and have to eat the wax. The rest always makes me cry.
Rachel tells Ross she thinks this is it. He says I can't live without you. I can't live without these hands, your face, this heart, your good heart. They are both crying and it is so sweet. Ross says this can't be it, Rach and she says then how come it is??
It makes me cry every time. Do you remember this episode?

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