April 28, 2008

Will's First Hit

(posting by Andy)
Saturday's game was Wilson's big breakthrough. During the team's second time at bat, Wilson's turn in the line up came. This has been the moment in each game that had gotten the best of Will. He wanted to bat, but it was too intimidating for him with the crowds. Saturday, the crowd was small and quiet, and Wilson slowly moved to the Tee dragging his bat in the dirt. At the Tee his coach got him in place and talked to him for a moment. Wilson swung the bat, hit the ball, and took off down the baseline with his hands covering his eyes. He got to first safe and realized how easy it was. Everyone was giving him high fives and he was just beaming.
The next time at bat he did even better.

After the game, Wilson was given the game ball by the coach for going up and batting.


Anonymous said...

What a proud moment!!

Cara said...

CUTE! You will have quite a story to tell when he gets older!

Stephanie said...

Way to go, Wilson!!!!