April 5, 2008

Let's bring Silas home!!

**Silas is on the yellow toy! Isn't he cute?!**
The yard sale for the adoption was a HUGE success! Cara and Jason had tons of stuff to sell. So many family members and friends donated to the yard sale. They had a lot of stuff. Between yesterday and today they have raised somewhere over $1200. That is not the final total! Their goal was $1000 and they definitely passed that up. The tables were looking sparse when I left today around 1:45. The crowd that shopped today was so generous. Cara had made posters that were hanging all over with Silas' picture on them with things such as "100% of proceeds support my adoption" and "thank you for bringing me home to my forever family". People today were giving many dollars over their total to support the adoption. It was amazing! I was so impressed that strangers were so kind to people they did not even know. Madelyn had a bake sale and a lot of that sold today too. It was great! All the big stuff sold! I am so happy that they raised so much for the adoption. It was a lot of work, but I'm sure Cara would agree it was totally worth it!

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