April 27, 2008


Awesome News...
Wilson went up to bat TWICE at his game yesterday!! He had no fans at this game, just daddy. Me and Luke weren't there. I guess that is what he needed to get over the fear of batting etc. Andy is going to post about the game and post pics too. I just couldn't make you wait to find out any longer!! Read about what Wilson earned here for batting!

Read an update on my mom's b-day here, I clearly forgot my camera and will just link you to Cara's post so you can see pics!

Yesterday I went to a wonderful shower for Jenn. You'll notice I also forgot my camera to this event. You can look at a picture slide show at her cousin's blog here. Clearly I need to always keep my camera in my bag!

Also, I've had 5 wonderful customers for my new business this week! I think I can do this Mary Kay thing! Visit my friend Tricia's site for info about our MK adventure!

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Cara said...

YEAH WILSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!