April 4, 2008

Spring Break Update

* National Board box has arrived and was checked into the system before we left for camping on Tuesday!
* Baby appointment was good. I went by myself and thankfully it was pretty quick. About an hour. Which is unfortunately a quick visit. All of which I saw the dr for about 5 minutes! Gained 1 more pound. Listened to heartbeat. Scheduled for my ultrasound April 29th!
* Camping was fun! We unfortunately woke up to rain on Thursday and it didn't stop. So we packed up in the rain. Not fun. We then went to eat pizza at Miguel's and then came home. More camping details and pictures later.
* My sister is having a HUGE yard sale adoption fundraiser today and tomorrow. I was there yesterday from 6-11pm helping. Plus we made dinner together. It was all set up when mom, Terry and I left. All the boys are still sleeping but I'm getting ready to head over and help.
* My house is a wreck! All the camping stuff is everywhere. I did clean the kitchen up this morning so I could go to Cara's all day without feeling too guilty about the house. I'll have all afternoon/evening to work here.

**Happy Birthday, Jason!!!**

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