April 8, 2008

A perfect afternoon!

Okay here was our afternoon :)

4:30- Met with our financial advisor and opened 2 Roth IRA accounts that will serve as retirement and college fund. (Next step is a will.)

5:20- Picked up Chinese takeout

5:30- Enjoyed a picnic with my new Market Tote (Thanks, Jenn!!!) and a picnic blanket at the park. (We had wanted these totes for a couple years but they were too expensive. Jenn found them at TJ Maxx for $10!! Ours are black :) I love it!)

6:00-7:00 - Was a proud mama as Wilson PARTICIPATED in the voluntary (very low key) t-ball practice out in a grassy field with his coach and 5 other teammates. Hung out with Heather.

7:00-Played at the park

8:00- Boys in bed!

We made the most of this nice day before the weather changes. Sorry no pics! We didn't bring the camera.

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