April 23, 2008

Independent Beauty Consultant

Ok, so I really don't know enough (yet) to have this title! But it's official! I'm a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant now. I went to a couple MK parties in the past month and really liked the product. I hadn't tried it since high school and really liked the new stuff they had to offer. I wanted to get lots of it but couldn't financially so I looked into becoming a consultant. One thing led to another and Andy and I decided this would be a good part-time business. I plan to do more skin care classes and facials in the summer time than during school year andhope to make some additional money for my family. I had to make a "dream book" to set goals for my business. Here they are:
1. Pay off Mary Kay start-up costs
2. Buy Andy a new cell phone. His screen was stepped on by a ladder and doesn't work. It's seen better days! He refuses to get a new phone so I'll present him with one!
2. Save money for hospital bills of baby #3
3. Save money for my big family vacation next year
4. Save money to buy a 4 bedroom house with a basement and fireplace :) (More than 1200 square feet for 5, please!!!)
5. Save money for a mini-van for our big family!

Let me know if you have any questions about MK, would like to become a consultant or want to host a party to earn free make-up! I also get to bring friends to events including make-overs, etc and would love to bring you! I took Jenn a couple weeks ago and she loved it. This Saturday Stephanie and Tricia are going to a Muffins & Makeover session with me!!

Couple incentives:
Host a party, earn free make up!
Free gift with $40 purchase- right now it is a sample microdermabrasion kit (one of my favorite products)
Save 10% with internet orders!

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