April 19, 2008

T-ball Games

We've had our first 2 t-ball games and opening ceremonies in the last week. Wilson is doing OK. Game #1- Wilson played in the outfield for 1 inning (by his choice) and was up to bat twice. He was too embarrased to bat and after several minutes each time the coach took an out for the team. It was hard to watch him out there at the T, he was crying and hiding his eyes and all I wanted to do was rescue him and say He's Only Four!! So I didn't push it. After the game he ordered his "player's drink" (lemonade) and we told him we were proud of him and looking forward to watching him play in the next game. He had a pretty big crowd- my dad, maw and paw, Stephanie and kids, me and Andy. He did not want anyone to cheer for him.
Game #2- I was dugout mom this game. Fought him many innings to get him in the outfield. He was being a BIG baby about it, whining and carrying on. He played all but 1 inning in the outfield which was much more than game #1. He only had 1 turn up to bat. I walked him out and tried to encourage him (as everyone had done all week). He didn't bat but as soon as we got to the dugout he started crying because he wished he had batted. I now know that I'm supposed to block the crowd when he bats. I told him "I know mommy's belly is getting big but it's not THAT big!!!". His aunt Stephanie had told him if he would bat he would get to go out for icecream with just her. That was pretty motivating and he hopes he can still earn it!

Last night was opening ceremonies. Like a pep rally to start off the season. Wilson enjoyed that because our team ran through streamers and smoke bombs and a tunnel made by the parents. He thought that was pretty cool. He has a new T in the backyard and he has been practicing. He is actually pretty good for a 4 year old when he hits the ball and throws the ball. Hopefully over time he'll warm up to the t-ball game. This morning we drove by lots of soccer games and were talking about that. I asked him if he wants to play soccer or T-ball next year. He said T-ball! So I guess he is enjoying it at least a little bit!

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Erin said...

Wilson is so cute in his Red's uniform! Wish we could be there to see him play.