November 22, 2008

A Glimpse from Today

Highlights from the Day:
- After breakfast Luke decided to color. He then threw away all the white crayons because he said they don't work. Hilarious!
- I bribed the boys with a treat and said if you're nice to each other and don't fight while I'm in the shower you can have a small treat when I get out- it worked! Ty was napping in his swing with his door shut!
- Went to lunch at Ma-Maw's. This was nice and gave me a chance to relax a little. While we were there Wilson gave a speech. He pulled out a foot stool to stand on and had a notepad on a music stand in front of him. His speech was about music and he said the words to Twinkle Twinkle!
- Let Wilson feed Ty a bottle- he did great!
- Visited with mom and Terry.
- Gingerbread Latte from Starbuck's
- Boys are finally quiet and asleep.

Low points from the day
- Waking up at 7am. Luke wakes up like clockwork
- Looking up from cracking a nut to eat at Maw's to see Wilson and Luke putting dirt from the plant on the carpet so that they could vacuum up the dirt. Wilson had cracked a nut by himself and gotten it all over the floor. So we had gotten out the hand vac. He was having so much fun using it he thought dumping dirt out so he could vacuum it was a good idea.
-Cleaning up a spilt applesauce cup (Carpet and wall)
- Bedtime. It was rough.

The rest of the day was filled with picking up the house, changing diapers, playing with the boys, giving all 3 a bath, making dinner, ending fights, and reading fire fighter books. Overall we've had a good day! Last night I went out with my family to celebrate at Jalapeno's. Yummy! Tomorrow my family is getting together for our Thanksgiving so I'm looking forward to that. Plus only 2 days of school this week and then I'm with the boys for 5 whole days!

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