November 26, 2008

Which holiday is it?

Driving down my street I get confused. I see pumpkins at one house. Then a couple doors down I see hay and gourds. The next house I see has a scarecrow and christmas lights (yes, both) and others have Christmas trees in the window. What holiday is it?! See how I get confused? I guess I'm the type who likes to finish one holiday before starting the next. You see, a few days after Halloween, when the pumpkins start to rot I throw them away. Then I'm ready to gear up for Thanksgiving. I don't have any TG decorations but we did hang a turkey on the door that Wilson made at school. So right now I'm celebrating Thanksgiving. Then probably this weekend we'll set up our Christmas tree. I guess I'm a one holiday at a time kind of girl. What about you?


whorton94 said...

ME TOO! No Christmas decor, movies or music allowed in our house until the day after Thanksgiving! I have a stuffed turkey and pilgrim salt and pepper shakers for Thanksgiving. Have a great day!


Boo said...

I agree!! One holiday at a time please!! Think of what this mixing of holidays is doing to the children. Way to confusing! :)

PS Love the new pics on your page!