November 5, 2008

The Celebration Continues!

Tonight I had a surprise birthday celebration for Andy at youth group. I think everyone who reads this knows Andy is a youth pastor. The youth get together every Wednesday night so since his birthday fell on a Wednesday I definitely wanted them to celebrate! I was so sure Andy had figured out that I had planned something but he promises he had NO idea! Woo-hoo! A big thanks to Holly for helping me pull it off! Here's what we did: I wrote 30 questions about Andy and cut them apart. I rolled each question up and put 1 question in a balloon. So there were 30 questions in 30 balloons about Andy. The youth were to pop a balloon and try to answer the Andy trivia question. The person who knew the most answers won a Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate bar! Way to go Daniel S! So when we got to church there were 30 green and blue balloons on the floor of the youth room. I secretly put the game together on Tuesday when Andy was gone and hid the balloons in the back of the van in large trash bags. The other decoration was streamers hanging in the doorway. This morning while the boys were at school and Andy was at work I made two pumpkin desserts for the youth party. Then when I went to church with Wilson to pick Andy up to take him out to lunch I snuck the desserts, balloons, and streamers in Holly's car. When Andy left work for the day Holly did the decorating! I couldn't have pulled off the surprise without her! Thanks, Holly! So when we went to church tonight I just got in the van like normal. Andy didn't suspect a thing!I had a small bag in there with candles, matches, etc. but Andy didn't notice that. I always have lots of bags! Anway, I'm glad Andy had fun at his youth party and thanks to all the youth who came tonight! Look at that glow!

I managed to get 30 candles in the shape of 3-0!!

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Boo said...

How cute! The party looks fantastic! The streamers look a bit familiar!! :)