November 1, 2008


This post is going to jump from one thing to another- just a warning. I didn't want to do a bunch of separate posts. Yipee! Our oven is working again! So I have had an easier time making dinner. Got to try a new chicken pot pie recipe and a twice baked shortbread recipe. Both were yummy.

We went to Andy's parents house for the last time on Thursday evening. It officially sold. Andy was a little sad, that had been his parents house for a long time, the house he grew up in. He took a bunch of pictures while we were there.

The boys had fun trick or treating last night and handing out candy. It was fun! Uncle Bill and Dan came over and ate pot pie with us and hung out during trick or treat time. Then my mom, dad, and Terry stopped by to see the boys. Mom and Terry did a little trick or treating with them so that was fun too. Today I had the boys lay out a blanket each and dump their pumpkins out. We had fun going through their stuff to see what they got. I threw a few things away and took out all the hard candy. I can't wait until they are old enough to trade candy - I remember doing that every year with Cara. We would either dump it out and look at it at Maw-maws house or on mom and dad's bed. I'll try to post halloween pics soon.

You know Luke's Halloween costume? It was pretty awesome. Well, funny story. Andy told me about one of his halloween's where he wanted to be a robot. Here is his story- on halloween his parents found a box and cut out holes for his head and arms. Then it was covered in foil. He said he was bummed about his costume but what was so awful was that a one of the houses another little robot came up to trick or treat in a totally awesome robot costume. Andy said he felt like his costume was so stupid in comparison. So maybe that's where the inspiration for Luke's robot came from- with old computer parts, lights that actually lit up and the black pipe. I told him I had to tell this on the blog! He was so cute telling me the story too!

We're all fighting colds. Ty is better though!

One more week of maternity leave. I'm sad. Don't want to go back. I love being at home with the boys.

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