November 11, 2008

Wilson - The Builder!

Wilson loves Legos and I am amazed at what he is able to do with them! I had my first few experiences building legos by following the picture directions in the last couple months. I built a farm and racetrack with Wilson. I found it is really fun building legos with the directions for me - I hate building legos without instructions. I'm not that creative! Wilson has been buying Legos with his money whenever he can. He is also asking for Legos for Christmas. Andy still has lots of his legos from when he was a boy so we have some of those here at home and Wilson plays with them too. Andy has taught Wilson to go from a pile of lego pieces to building a lego thing. See, look!

Just a pile of Legos!

Following step by step directions - all by himself!

Ta-da! It's a fire truck!

Yesterday on my first day back to work Wilson had a thoughtful idea for me. When Andy picked him up from preschool he said that they should get me a plant for my first day back. So they went and bought me a rd Gerber Daisy plant - my favorite flowers and had them for me on the counter when I got home. I thought that was so sweet. Then Wilson dictated the following on my card: Dear Mommy, We got a surprise for you. It's from Wilson, Daddy, Lottie, Lukie, and Tyler. We missed you and we love you! Then he traced his hand on the card! It made my day :)

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