June 28, 2009

Did you hear a high pitched scream?

Just letting you know if you keep hearing a high pitched scream and you aren't sure where it is coming from, it's just Luke. He has started screaming any time something makes him mad or upset. It's shrill and LOUD. I am doing everything I can to make it stop other than spanking him every time he screams. Not sure what else to do. He screams 1, 456,999 times per day. The only other thing he does about as much as screaming is spill everything. I have cleaned up juice, applesauce, chocolate milk, white milk, coke - basically anything in his reach, even if it has a lid on it can get spilled around my little Luke. I love him so but ahhhhh!!!!!

He doesn't want to pull up his undies or dress himself. When we're getting ready to go somewhere I'll tell him to go find his shoes and put them on. Then he starts crying. He is NOT independent and doesn't seem to have any desire to be independent. Wilson is growing up so much and is actually able to help me a lot. He gets dressed, puts his shoes on, takes care of bathroom issues by himself, etc. (I just wish I could get him to start taking showers...) I'm hoping Luke will begin to develop some independence soon...any suggestions? The "don't you want to be a big boy?" angle doesn't work. Neither does saying "I bet you can't put these shoes on". Nope he's tricky! But I love him so!

Luke was so cute at VBS this year. He attended his first preschool VBS. He participated! He sang songs and did hand motions! He didn't have a fit everynight! He didn't care that he wasn't in my group! You can see that the 3 years Wilson has been in preschool VBS were a little different. It was nice to see that Luke was involved and carefree at VBS. Wilson enjoyed VBS and had a lot to say about it at home but there is something about him that in public he pulls back from the group and doesn't want to be away from me. I love Wilson so much too!


jejic said...

Great seeing you last night. Hope your afternoon gets better. My boys aren't too independent yet either. Eli finally will take his clothes off and put them on. We try to make it goofy like "how fast can you get dressed, or who can find their shoes first." The competition gets them in gear - I guess that is good.

Stephanie said...

Trey is pretty independent, but I do use Wilson or Luke as examples for Trey when he won't do something such as wear big boy undies....I will say "I bet Wilson has on big boy undies"....Trey usually agrees with me and then has to match his bigger cousin!