June 12, 2009

Laundry Room/Bathroom Remodel

Above: Where the tub goes. Below: toilet/sink

When we moved into our house the downstairs bathroom had been changed from a 1/2 bath with washer/dryer to a full bath. The washer and dryer had been moved to the garage. We knew there were some problems because the dryer had no where to vent and the toilet downstairs overflowed. Also when I washed the dishes in the kitchen it smelled bad in the bathroom downstairs. Andy knew there was going to be a lot of plumbing problems. We decided we wanted to move the washer/dryer back into the house and fix the bathroom so it can be used. Andy is going to wall off a section of the garage with drywall to make a small laundry room downstairs. The pic below shows the part of the garage that used to have a workbench. Now it will have a wall to make the laundry room. The next picture shows where Andy will cut out a door to the laundry room.

Here is the tub in the garage for the time being. Anyone need a shower?

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