June 20, 2009

What a Week.

It's been a rough week. Andy marked a trench from the front of the garage to the back to set the pipes for moving the washer. Then he used a concrete saw to cut the trench and a jack hammer to break up the concrete. All of this = thick layer of concrete dust throughout my house. It came in through the vents and got everywhere. In doing this he found the main clean out pipe for the house. It's old and was cast iron and now had a couple holes in it from jack hammering. He was going to just repair the holes but then decided to replace all the cast iron under the garage and downstairs bathroom to PVC pipe. This was a great decision we found out because the pipes were rusting from the inside and were nasty and narrow. He has also fixed the plumbing for the downstairs bathroom and sloped it so it will all work appropriately. So what was going to be a remodel laundry room project has now turned into something MUCH bigger - but for the best! It's been a long hard week for Andy. Thankfully my dad and his uncle have been over helping. One night Andy and Uncle Bill worked all night, until 5:30 am on the pipes. Crazy. I'll post pics soon. They are finishing the pipes tonight. So this week was rough because Andy was working night and day on the project. The house had concrete dust EVERYWHERE. I was helping with VBS every night from 6-8:30 which just makes dinner and bed time tough. The DVD player broke. I had times without water - couldn't flush the toilets or use the kitchen sink. Thankfully we can use water everywhere now. The washer and dryer haven't been useable for a couple weeks. Thank you to my mom, Stephanie, and Ma-maw for helping with the laundry this week. So I'm hoping to spend some time with Andy tonight or at least tomorrow to celebrate Father's day. He definitely needs a day of rest and relaxation!

Tyler had his 9 month appointment and weighed 23 pounds, 7ounces (87%), was in the 91%ile for height and get this...99%ile for head circumference!!

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