June 22, 2009

Funny things from today!

Before I forget these funny things I want to share them with you! We went to the ballpark tonight to pick up Wilson's new t-ball trophy and medal. He was soo excited to get another trophy. He now has 3 t-ball trophies, 3 game balls, and two medals. When we got back home he decorated the fireplace mantel with all of his t-ball stuff. It's hilarious. He has his trophies, game balls, medal, two Reds uniforms, his t-ball hat, and his team picture spread out on the matel. He did this all on his own, completely his idea. I was laughing and rolling my eyes in my mind!! He cracks me up because from this you would think he was a die hard t-ball player. But not so much. There were many times this season and last that we had to make him attend a game or a practice. He enjoys it once he's there (usually) but he is a strong willed child and when he doesn't feel like doing something, he doesn't think he should have to...

Luke's funny things from today were: wearing his sunglasses and pajamas while I read him his bible stories before bed. The boys are both completing the summer reading log from the library and a summer bible reading log for church. The other funny thing was at dinner. Luke was eating an apple slice and because he eats SO slowly it was starting to turn brown. He asked me why it was turning brown and I said because it is peeled and in the air. He asked me to please turn the air off so his apples wouldn't turn brown! I laughed out loud!

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