June 12, 2009

Poor Lottie

Yesterday Lottie went back to the vet to follow-up on the last appointment. She got her teeth cleaned and thankfully none of them were rotted so no teeth pulling! They did have a lot of tartar on them and 1 is slightly loose. She had her tumor removed from her eyelid which was really rough on her. She has stiches and is having to wear a cone so she doesn't bother the stiches. It's pitiful! She is on pain medicine, eye drops, ear drops, and another pill. Poor thing! In the picture her right eye is the one that had surgery. It's shaved a little around the top and kind of droopy. When she walks around the house it is pitiful, she runs into everything with her cone. She is breaking my heart. But I know that this will help her eye to not be so irritated. Dr. D checked her leg while she was under anesthesia and she does seem to still have a slight tear in her ACL. Good to know that we're in the same place as last year, doesn't seem to have gotten any worse. She's resting on one of Tyler's blankets right now!

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Anonymous said...

Poor Lottie! She looks just pitiful!! Lanie, Yearwood, and Yoda are sending her lots and lots of love!!