August 4, 2009

Another visit to CCH

For our checkup to CCH this time we took the whole family - it's not cold and flu season and we wanted to do other things while in Cincinnati. The boys were going to go to Eden Park while Ty and I were at the appointment but it was raining the whole day! So they came in and hung out in the waiting room with Andy. Ty's appointment was very uneventful, which is my opinion is a very good thing! No new information other than we don't need to go back to the hemangioma unit for 1 year! Yea! They are pleased that nothing has changed with his port wine stain (color, size) and feel that he is meeting all the developmental milestones. The main areas that need to be watched closely are with ophthamology and nuerology. We go back in November and December for each of those appointments.

After we left CCH we went to eat lunch at The Works. It's a brick oven pizza place in the building of a 100 year old fire station. I thought I had found the one I ate at with my family as a kid but alas it wasn't the same one. Maybe there is another one in Cincinnati somewhere... Then we ventured to IKEA and did some shopping for about an hour. The big boys were willing to go in the play area! Wilson agreed after Luke talked him into it so that gave Andy and I 1 hour with only Tyler to shop. We picked up a few small things- veggie peeler, new cutting board, step stool for the boys, a new pillow for Andy, and rope ladder for the boys treehouse and an organizer cart for school. Andy's pillow is really cool. It came in two parts. You choose the inside based on how you sleep (back, stomach, or side). Then you choose between down and synthetic for the outside cover. I hope it helps him to sleep better! We tried to find something for organizing toys in the playroom but we don't really know what we want yet and didn't want to spend $ when we weren't sure. I really like going to IKEA but wish we had a whole day to go without children so we could really look around and get ideas. Maybe next time!

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