August 30, 2009

Fun Weekend!

We had a great weekend! Spent time with some friends on Saturday and went to End of Summer Days Festival at church last night (inflatables, carnival games, crafts, food, and a praise band concert!). The boys had been looking forward to the festival for weeks! We had a great time. I got a couple of good shots I had to share. Today I had a little nap and am making a new recipe for dinner that no one is excited about but me. I'll share the recipe if it is any good. It's called Vegetable Chili. My allergies are awful right now and I spent almost the entire day outside yesterday which pretty much made me miserable by last night. I'm trying to avoid outside right now which stinks since it has cooled off!

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Debbie said...

I love the picture of your "boys"...all of them are too cute! I know it can't be easy juggling home, work, and all your other activities (church, running, cooking and DATE night)....but you're doing great. You're a wonderful teacher (with a great team) and, keep it up!