August 13, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten!

Ready for the first day of Kindergarten!

His daddy made him his favorite breakfast - pancakes!

Wilson had his first day of Kindergarten yesterday! He had a wonderful first day! I am so blessed to be able to take him to school with me where I work. He has a wonderful teacher and is surrounded by my fabulous co-workers who all love him already just because he is mine! Andy brought him to school so I could go early and be in my room to greet my new students. My dad came over to watch Luke and Ty so Andy wouldn't have to bring all the boys so early. Wilson did well going into his room. Andy said he was a little clingy but no tears! I saw him in the hallway a couple times and we waved and smiled at each other. It is so neat to have him at school! Then he came to my classroom at the end of the day and was very talkative and excited. I could tell that he loved his first day which is so wonderful! He chose to buy chicken nuggets for lunch and enjoyed recess and library. His second day went well also. He chose to buy his lunch again today (and tomorrow!). He rode with me to school today and again got a little clingy when I brought him to his room but he had another great day. He's been worn out in the evening but seems to love big school!

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Cara said...

So cute!!! I am so happy he is loving school. : ) I prayed for him on Wednesday. What a relief for you! M and S are also both doing great. I think this is the best decision we could have made for Silas. He has been an angel all week.