August 15, 2009

My ipod :(

A couple weeks ago when we went to CCH we took my ipod in the van to listen to it through the AUX outlet. When we got home I pulled out the cord and brought my ipod inside, thinking everything was fine. Well the next time I went to run I couldn't plug the headphones into my ipod. There was something in the way. Andy realized that the tip of the cord for playing it in the car had broken off in my ipod. I was so mad. He has tried several different things to try and get it out but it won't budge. So I can't use my ipod. I love my ipod and don't know what to do. My ipod was only 1 1/2 years old, the nano. I was using it for my Couch Potato to 5K Podcasts. I've had to know the podcast and just use a watch to know when to run and walk. It is so frustrating. Any suggestions??

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Gayla said...

Take it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy. They may have a little tool that can get it out.