August 2, 2009

Tyler is crawling!

Tyler crawled this morning and has been crawling a lot throughout the day! He is so cute crawling around. Wilson woke up and said "I can't believe my baby is crawling!" The big brothers are soo proud of Tyler!! We've got the baby gate out now. This is the first time we've had steps with a baby I will take a video of Ty crawling on my camera and post it soon. I'm glad he reached this milestone...all in his own time! He wasn't in any hurry!

In other news I had a great day with the boys. (After a FULL night's sleep! Ty is finally sleeping past 4:30-5:30 for his first feeding. I slept until 8:40!) This afternoon we made two batches of cookies, went swimming for an hour, and then went to my parents for dinner. It was a great day!

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