August 18, 2009

Laundry Room & Ipod!

Andy fixed my Ipod! He shaved down some needle nose pliers so they would fit into the headphone jack. Then he used a tiny drill bit to shave off sides of the piece stuck inside my ipod. This created a taller piece in the middle. He used superglue on the pliers and stuck them to the piece stuck in my ipod and it finally came out! He tried so many creative ways to get it out and his perseverance paid off!!! Last night I got to run with my ipod instead of my watch. I'm 1/2 finished with the C25K!! I plan to run in a 5K on Sept. 26. Thank you so much baby!!

Here is Andy before the door to the laundry room was cut out, you can see the outline.
Here he is with the new door in place! Just needs to be primed and painted.
In other news, I have a working washer and dryer!!! You do not know how exciting it is to be able to do laundry at home again. After 2 months of my fabulous Maw-ma and Paw-pa picking up dirty clothes, washing clothes, and folding them I know they are thankful our washer and dryer are working too! Thank you so so so much Maw and Paw. We couldn't have survived the summer without your help!! Mom, thank you so so so much too for the help you gave with our laundry as well. We appreciate you all! I plan to have you all over for dinner soon as a thank you! The dryer isn't in the laundry room yet, but just on the other side of the framed wall. So we've been doing "loads" of laundry around here and are all caught up. Yea! He keeps on working away and finding more plumbing problems as he goes. Whoever the plumber was that helped when the house was built either didn't care about the job or had no clue what he was doing. The hall and downstairs plumbing for the toilets were done incorrectly. They sloped the wrong way making the toilet have major problems with flushing etc. Thankfully Andy is fixing everything along the way. Thus causing for the project timeline to be longer- but it is all for the good of our new home!

Here is our laundry room! Still has a ways to go...imagine shelves, tile, paint, walls, etc, etc, etc!!

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