August 25, 2009

News around here.

* Last night I laid down with Luke at bedtime for about 5 minutes. I started rubbing his arm and next thing I knew he was rubbing my arm...until he fell asleep. He is such a sweetheart. He thinks about others so often before himself...not always!! He has such a sweet little heart.

* Tonight Wilson was sent to timeout before supper because he was acting crazy. Next thing I know he is asleep sitting up leaning against his headrest in bed. Could barely get him awake enough for dinner.

*Tyler's top right front tooth broke through the skin Saturday night. So he officially has 3 teeth now! Today he realized he can climb up the stairs! He is rather slow but I know that will change quickly.

* I had a really stressful day. At lunch I told Jenn I was really trying to not burst into tears! She felt the same way. It was a rough morning. I came home and said "I just need a few minutes AWAY from kids! I am with kids ALL the time. I'm going crazy!" Andy reminded me that would happen at bedtime...then he dealt with the next several behavior problems at home. That helped. I'm going for a run now. Maybe then the feeling that I can't get a deep enough breath will be caused by running and not because of my stress and anxiety. I can't believe it is only Tuesday.

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Debbie said...

For several years, between kids and grandkids you have LOTS of time! Then, when you are getting sad and wanting to be around little ones again...if you are lucky you get grandkids! (I called it blessed, but I know everyone doesn't have grandkids and they aren't any less blessed). Anyway, I am trying to think of "wisdom words" but the space is too small! As you said earlier, I believe you and Andy do need to get away each week, if you can. Even if it's just for coffee or the dollar movie and popcorn, ask one set of parents. I DO know three kids are a handful, but I know your parents are the best. Give the boys a movie to watch and leave them! Clyde and I still love to date and that comes from staying "close" through the years. You're doing great! Whew, a long comment!