August 9, 2009

The Project Continues

Framing for the new wall to divide the laundry room/garage.

All the supply lines and what not that Andy has spent HOURS on.

New concrete from the jack hammering to cover up the new PVC pipes. Just ignore the sawdust.

So, two months ago I showed you pics of my garage with the jackhammering and rusting pipes. Then I showed you pics of the new PVC pipes in the garage floor. Well, Andy has been diligently working on The Major Project. Here are some pictures to show you the progress 2 months in! You know I haven't had a washer/dryer for 2 months, right? Well last night Andy had the washing machine hooked up. The dryer is hooked up in it's old location b/c he is still working on the electric. We were so excited to do laundry at our own house to find out that the washing machine won't complete the spin cycle. It drained the water but didn't spin the clothes dry. Nice. and WHY??? Washing machines are supposed to last forever right? Like at least 20+ years or something! We've had this one for about 8 years...


Stephanie said...

Ours does that sometimes too. I just use scissors in that little button that the lid pushes in and use my hand to start the spin cycle, then close the lid and the washing machine will do it then. I love my machine and don't really want to buy another one, yet. So I am holding off as long as I can!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, before we moved our old washer did that too and it was only 3 years old or so. We ended up having to buy a new one altogether and then we decided to move like 2 months later! Luckily I LOVE our new washer and dryer and I hope that they last forever unlike our old ones!