June 27, 2008

Another Freakin' House Update...that doesn't really tell you anything.

Heard yesterday Mr. Realtor man's thoughts. He inspected our house Monday night. Rather quickly. Only looked at a few things. He was overly concerned with our foundation on one side that has a crack in it. It was there when we bought it, has to do with the settling of the house. So I guess he's making that a HUGE deal now even though he knew about it before when he came and looked at our house to see if he was interested in a trade. Because of said crack he only wants to keep the contract as it is- without reducing the price at all. I just don't know what to do. Hopefully Andy and I will see each other long enough tonight to have a discussion about it and decide what we're going to do. That's all I got for now. Ughh.

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Anonymous said...

What a bozo! Not sure I like this man very much! I'm sure things will work out like they are supposed to, but it is so frustrating!