June 21, 2008


My family's dog, Lucy, who lived at my parents house was put to sleep on Thursday. I've not been able to write about it until today. Lucy was sick and old and wasn't eating much. She'd gotten down to 20 lbs and looked awful. It's never an easy decision to put your dog to sleep but my family knew it was time. I know it has been very hard on my mom because she's still been with her the last several years while Cara and I have been gone. Mom took her to the vet by herself on Thursday, that's how she wanted it to be. Thankfully, I did not know the exact time she went. I don't even have a picture at the moment to post. Yesterday I was really sad and cried several times. I vividly remember going to the Humane Society with Cara and Ma-maw to pick a new puppy out. That was after our beagle, Mickey died. We were so upset and shocked with Mickey's death (she suffocated herself in a black drain pipe while chasing a chipmunk) that the only thing Cara and I could do next was get a new puppy to love. At the pound Cara and I liked Lucy. She was a terrier mix, a small black puppy. She was feisty and cute as could be. We went home and told our parents about Lucy and either that same day or the next we went back and adopted Lucy. She was a good dog. We'll miss her. I don't remember how we picked out her name but it was perfect for her. Ok, that's all I can say.


Patti Money said...

I'm sorry to hear about Lucy. I know how hard it is to lose a pet you love. I'm sure you all miss her bunches, especially your mom. Right now, Lucy and Woody may be playing together in heaven!

sarah said...

I am so sorry about Lucy. Reminds me of when we lost Data. It was so hard...she was clearly a very loved dog!