June 23, 2008

Worn Out...

We've had a busy day.
7:20 Woke up
Then we ate breakfast and started cleaning. Of course Luke had to paint, and I got the Living room, dining room, hallway, and boys bedrooms picked up, dusted, and vacuumed. Still have to work on the kitchen and my bedroom. Did a quick clean in the boys bathroom (aka clorox wipes). Jumped in the shower. Called and scheduled dr appts. Talked to my ma-maw and Erin on the phone. Made sandwiches to eat in the car. Made Luke a 2nd sandwich since Lottie ate the first one.
11:20 Left to meet Stephanie and Erin at the park so all the cousins could play. We all brought bread too and fed the ducks. It was fun!
1pm- stopped by the library on our way home and then the boys and I got a milk shake (chocolate malt, the only way to go!) to share. We were killing some time until the dr appt.
2:15- dr appt. Both boys have an ear infection. Luke has 1 tube still in tact and the other tube is just hanging out in the ear canal, not doing anything. So he has an infection in that ear. Thank goodness he goes to the ENT on Monday for a tube check-up. Both boys are now on Augmentin. Thank goodness I decided to take them to the dr even though I wasn't 100% sure I should. Mothers do have good instinct!
3pm- leave dr and go to Meijer to fill prescriptions (Luke is needing a nap by now!)
3:40- leave Meijer with prescriptions and milk and a couple other necessities we picked up while waiting on prescriptions.
3:50- Get home and Luke falls off the stair of the porch while I'm getting stuff out of the car. I heard a loud thump- forehead hitting concrete. Not good. He will have a big knot on his forehead. I know it hurt. He also scraped above his lip so he was bleeding and crying. Poor baby. Cleaned him up and within 10 minutes he was sound asleep.

Now, to finish cleaning and get ready for tomorrow. I'm tired. Did I mention I'm almost 7 months pregnant?!

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Shawna, Scott & Lainie said...

You got more done by 11 than I got done all day!!! Whew! :) Poor Luke = dog eat sandwich and bump on head. I'd sleep all day Luke!!!