June 9, 2008

House Update

Okay, we're moving forward again on the new house front.
* The realtor/owner we're buying from was approved for his loan to get our house!
* The other contract that was on the house is in default - there was a 24 hour kickout clause and that 24 hours passed without any bridge loans for updated contracts from their realtor, so now we're the only contract on the house!
* We were approved for our loan!
* I called and set up the inspection today. I want to also set up a termite and chimney inspection but not sure if we should do that after we find out the results of the inspection or do them all on the same day. Thoughts? The inspection is costing over $200 and adding the termite and chimney is another $100.
*Found out the closing costs on the house- a lot more than we anticipated. Our realtor is paying $3000 of the closing costs which is almost half...this will really cut into our money to fix it up at all. Just pray that we make the right decisions. We want to put as much down on the house so our monthly payments are affordable. But there is also stuff I want to do to the house so it is liveable. Paint (everywhere that we can), new carpet in the basement, & a new stove are at the top of my list. Pray that I can also know this will be a long process in getting the house to look the way that we want it to. We'll be getting a lot of house for a good deal because it needs a lot of work! It will take years (financially) to fix it all up.

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holly said...

I would love to help paint if you need extra people. I've had lots of experience and I love to paint too!