June 11, 2008

Funny Sayings by Wilson & Luke

Wilson has a funny misconception that I have TRIED to correct, multiple times. He is very interested in all fire trucks, police cars/motorcycles, ambulances etc. He talks about calling 9-9-1-1. I've corrected him so many times that it is just 9-1-1 and he still says 9-9-1-1. It is so funny to hear him talk about it so seriously and he's saying the wrong number! This morning he woke up and said I had a dream last night that Mimi's (or Nanny's I can't remember which) house caught on fire and he had to call 9-9-1-1. I just smiled!

Luke's funny saying now is when he's hungry. Now Luke is a picky eater. With a big sweet tooth. He would eat treats all day and wash it down with coke if he could. He doesn't like to eat much. He's even so picky that he doesn't like hamburgers unless they are from McDonald's. We still try desparately to make him at least try what we're eating etc to earn his treat. It works some but not well. He's just picky. So many dinners he just eats the number of bites he has to - which causes him to be hungry later. So his funny saying is this- "Mommy, I JUST hungry" with a lot of emphasis on just. He throws both hands up in the air and says it out of exasperation! He repeats it over and over until I respond in some way. Trying not to laugh, I usually offer him his dinner plate again or another healthy option. This boy isn't as good an eater as Wilson and Andy and I know we need to be careful or he'll get even worse. He does have several healthy things he enjoys but he has definitely entered the terrible two's and is quite emphatic about what he wants!
"Mommy, I JUST hungry!"


Erin said...

Finley will only eat McDonald's cheeseburgers too. If you find some tricks to help Luke eat let me know. Finley is a junk food junkie.

Anonymous said...

They are too cute! He won't be picky forever!!

Boo said...

Too cute!! I can just see them saying it! Good think you've got the blog to record all the memories!