June 21, 2008

The NEW Chick-fil-A

Have you been to the new CFA yet? I took the boys there for lunch today. It was fun! It's only been open a few days. The boys really enjoyed getting little cow stuff animals, balloons, and playing in the new playland. We sat at a tall table and they thought that was cool too. It was really busy and there were tons of workers there taking care of all the customers. As we were leaving they gave me a little flyer. This is what you'll want to know- CFA is giving away free breakfast all next week! You can go there any morning and get the breakfast item of the day for free! Here is the daily free breakfast item:

Monday- Chicken Breakfast burrito

Tuesday- Sausage Biscuit



Friday-Chicken Biscuit

Saturday-Chicken Biscuit

No, I don't plan to go everyday but maybe once or twice!! Let me know if you go get any free breakfasts! I don't know if these are only available at the new CFA or not.


sarah said...

thanks for the heads up!! I went and got the barrito today!! yum yum

Alyssa said...

The boys and I got a sausage biscuit today, it was yummy!