June 16, 2008

Home Inspection

Today we had the home inspection and termite inspection. Tomorrow we're having the chimney looked at.
The house is termite free! The home inspector was awesome. We decided to use the one Danny & Stephanie used recently because they were really pleased with him. He did a great job. He was there from 9-12:30. He inspected everything! We have digital photos, a written report, and an emailed report with changes/updates he made once he was home checking his photos etc. He was very thorough so if you're in the area and need an inspector let me know, I'll give you his name and number! Overall, he said the house was good. He said if we were looking for a home that only needed paint and carpet to look elsewhere. This home has a LOT of needed repairs. There are some safety hazards that would need to be fixed ASAP (loose outlets, spring on garage door broken, and unsafe railing on steps in house and on deck). He said the other stuff we could fix over time. So now, Andy has read the report and we're thinking about our decision. We knew it needed a lot of work. We now have a list of all the problems. The house is being sold "AS IS" so the only negotiation would be price. We're not really comfortable with the current contract and closing costs plus all the work it needs financially so we're thinking. Not sure if the man we're buying it from will budge. So we'll see. I'll keep you updated.

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Anonymous said...

Hope everything works out! I hate when they sell things "as-is" -- that's how my house was. Keep us posted!