June 13, 2008

"Yawn. Stretch! And touch your toes!"

Okay, I know that is random but it's a line out of one of our favorite books called Hey! Wake Up! by Sandra Boynton. I'm sooo sleepy right now. Anyway!
Today the boys and I have played, gone grocery shopping, taken lunch to Mimi and Poppy (they are in town majorly fixing up their old house so they can sell it), met the water guy at the new house to get it turned on, checked all the faucets in the new house for leaks, turned off all the lights that were left on in the new house (had the electricity turned on today as well), filled the Jetta up with $50 worth of gas, folded and put away laundry, talked to my mom on the phone, and laid Luke down for a nap. It's only 2:15! And one of those things up there required a 20 minute drive 1 way! So there. I feel like I've accomplished enough. I wish I could take a nap. But Wilson is playing furiously in the living room.
Things left to do today... make more guacamole - I'm hooked!, sign up for SBDM training, go to the LAST night of VBS (it's kickin' my butt this week), put together ham biscuits for Silas' coming home shower (not sure what to call it- he's not a baby!), fold another load of laundry, clean the kitchen, figure out an easy dinner for me and the boys, and on and on. Notice I said put the ham biscuits together- not make the biscuits from scratch, buy ham etc. My wonderful ma-maw and pa-paw did that part for me. They are so helpful! They are making 50 mini-biscuits and pa-paw insisted on buying the ham so all I've got to do is slice the biscuits open and put a little ham on there and display them nicely on a tray! Thank goodness!
Oh, and tomorrow I'm trying to make those cinnamon rolls for Andy- they take a while - and make a spinach lasagna for supper. And go to the Silas shower and Madelyn's early b-day party. I think that's it. Whoever called this summer VACATION is confused!!

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