September 28, 2008

Life with hard!!

What's wrong with me? I'm grumpy with Andy (he's grumpy with me too though). The big boys are driving me crazy with fighting, whining, and getting in trouble. Last night they were so bad at bedtime that today they have lost treats, toys, and tv. They can play outside, have art time, Wilson is playing on his laptop, etc. so there is still plenty for them to do but dealing with the whining..AHHH!!! Being a good parent is hard! No wonder parents give in to their kids all the time. It would make life so much easier (but then I'd be raising some terrors!). I'm glad we're going what we're doing but it's just making for a rough day. Thankfully we were gone to church for a while this morning! And the tiredness's awful. And I'm sleeping- still taking a nap every day for at least an hour. It's just all the waking up at night which is wearing me down. Ty thinks he needs to be held all night to sleep and that's just not working out! So when I try to lay him down he cries. Last night I was up from 4am-5am. Every night there is an hour window where I'm up with him. And that makes the morning so hard. I am doing pretty well pain wise. Ran out of motrin and so I'm just a little sore on my left side where they tied the stiches or something. I can't remember the explanation Dr. S. gave me- something about 1 side being more sore because of the surgery. It's been the left side all along. I know I need to be positive but I'm just not feeling it right now so I'm letting it out here on my blog. I'm happy, I love my family and my boys are precious. But life is hard right now! I know it can only get easier. As of tomorrow I'll at least be able to drive again. Still no heavy lifting (meaning nothing heavier than Ty) so that's still a no no. Can't lift the carseat! Hopefully Ty and I will have good 2 week checkups at our appointments tomorrow. To end on a positive note, things I'm grateful for:
* All of our friends and family who are helping take care of us! My sister and Jason (who came and helped me and the 3 boys get to Wilson's game yesterday) , my mom (who came to the game yesterday and helped me last Saturday around the house) and dad (who took Wilson to and from school on Friday and brought us soup), Holly (who picked Luke up for school on Friday and brought both boys home), Heather (for her encouraging words, dinner, and offers to help), Kathryn (who brought us dinner), Kathy (who brought us dinner), my grandparents who have come over and helped me with the!!
* I survived 4 hours alone with all 3 boys yesterday!
* I made it to Wilson's t-ball games this weekend!
* I was able to go to small group on Wednesday!
Gotta go make the grocery list, we have no food in the house!!

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Erin said...

I know that it can get a little crazy with three, so hang in there! Before you know it Ty will be sleeping through the night. The kids are going to go nuts and run wild. (I also think that it is okay to give in to them sometimes just to keep your sanity!) We miss you guys so much!!!