July 20, 2007

Busy, busy, busy!

What a week! We have been so busy lately! We've had the carpet cleaned, I painted the trim in two bathrooms plus the wainscoating and vanity in one of the bathrooms. Andy is working on re-caulking the shower and tub. We've been to the dentist, Luke had tubes put in and I had a professional development day. On top of all this tomorrow we're having a yard sale! Today we posted signs and made sure everything was priced. I tutored two former students and met some friends for lunch. It has been crazy! Andy keeps saying "can't we spread some of this out a little?" I know he is a bit frustrated but he is being very helpful through all of it. I guess I know school is coming SOON (I plan to start back next Thursday) so I need to get some stuff done so I can feel like we accomplished SOMEthing!! We have had a great summer and I hate to see it nearing the end. It is always so hard to anticipate the return to school and see the boys drastically less. I do love teaching and am so lucky to have the boys at home with Andy. But it is still hard.
So, I said we went to the dentist today. Good news overall, teeth are clean, no cavities, x-rays are good. But my dentist told me something a little upsetting. How I've been dealing with my stress. Some people may deal with it in other ways, but it seems one way I deal with stress and anxiety is to grind my teeth at night. He mentioned it the last time we were there, about 6 months ago. Today, he told me I've been grinding a lot. So much that I've ground off an 1/8. of. an. inch. off my tooth. That upsets me. I have anxiety a lot. That is well known. Now, guess what I'm worrying about?! Grinding my teeth. He told me I needed to put a little note by my bed that says I won't grind my teeth or something like that. By reading it before I go to bed it will bring my habit to my conscience and hopefully help me to stop. If not, I have to get an appliance to sleep with which cost a pretty penny according to the dentist. I said oh, my mom has to sleep with that (thinking maybe it is inherited and I can blame it on the genes!) he quickly said "oh no, this isn't inherited, it just stress and anxiety related." Great. Hopefully his notecard trick will work!


Anonymous said...

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Alyssa said...

I do not know what the above comment is about or who the person is!

Boo said...

Your poor teeth!! That sucks!