July 29, 2007

Luke has 8 words!

Since Luke's tubes were put in he has really started talking more. I think it is because the fluid is off his ear and he can hear so much more. I'm going to try and phonetically spell his words for you!

1. Mama
2. Dada - he says mama/dada only when he wants to!
3. La - lottie
4. saw- sock
5. shir- shirt
6. meh- milk (standing at fridge or in car doing the sign!)
7. moh- more (with his sign language at the same time!!)
8. baw- ball (This word is so clear! I am so proud of him!)

We are so happy he has gotten the tubes to help him feel better. It is so nice to know there isn't fluid sitting on his ear all the time. He has always been a happy little boy but now I know he feels better and can hear! We go for a hearing test/tube check mid-August. He is walking so well now that he can almost run!
Way to go, Lukie!


Boo said...

That's so exciting! Gooo Luke!! :)

Stephanie said...

Way to go, Lukie! You will be talking up a storm by Christmas!