July 8, 2007

Nope, it's NOT all about me!

Andy and I love our church. Why, you might ask? Well for starters it has an awesome praise band with guitars, drums, piano etc. Good music is crucial for me! Andy and I have both been at the church for a long time (since 5th grade for me). But most importantly, our Pastor leads us to focus on others. In our world today it is "all about me". Today in the sermon a video was shown called Me Church. It was hilarious! You can watch a preview of it here. It's nice to be reminded to be other minded in a world that is so self absorbed. Because it IS easy to start thinking that life is all about me. The world puts that idea in our face all the time. Last summer I read a great book that Andy had read for work or school. It is called Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box by The Arbinger Institute. It really got me thinking and I underlined tons of good points. It's a good and easy read, I recommend it! Anyway, it is about being other minded as well.
I was just reading this once before I posted and paused at my sentence "good music is crucial for me!" - does that negate the rest of my post?!!

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Boo said...

LOL! No, I don't think it negates the whole post but it is pretty funny!! The video was too funny! And sadly true! I really want to borrow that book from you!