July 11, 2007

To Mimi and Poppy's we go!

At the end of June we loaded up the car again, left around 10pm on a Monday night and Andy drove us to Florida! The boys did pretty well sleeping in the car. We crossed the Florida state line just before 7am. Made it to Mimi and Poppy's house around 10:45am!

We had lots of fun while we were in Florida. We were able to go see a Tampa Bay Devil Ray's baseball game. Here is Wilson talking to Poppy during the game. After the 2nd batter Wilson began saying he was ready to go home! He enjoyed his cracker jacks and finally like cotton candy (any other time he hasn't liked it!). Luke stayed home with Mimi and Finley for some fun and sleep. The great thing about visiting Mimi and Poppy is you also get to visit Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Erin, Ethan and Finley too!!

On Thursday we headed to the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. It was Wilson and Luke's first trip to a zoo! When we got there Andy asked Wilson what animal he wanted to see first after reading him the different types from the map. What do you think Wilson picked? ... Skunks!!! Here is Wilson, Ethan and Mimi riding Hank, the camel. Wilson was a little nervous about riding Hank but Mimi made him brave!

Here are the boys feeding a giraffe with mommy and Poppy. The giraffe's were one of my favorite exhibits. That and the manatees!

It was super hot at the zoo so no one felt like eating. We got the kids popsicles for lunch. Here is Luke enjoying his cool treat.

The next day we loaded up the van to drive to the beach. It was about an hour away. We packed a picnic, brought some rafts and enjoyed the sun and waves. Wilson was pretty excited to get back to the beach. He was much braver at the beach this year!

Luke, Wilson, Ethan and Mimi built a sand castle together. They had fun building it and then destroying it! Here is Luke behind the castle. Poor baby was covered in sand from head to toe!

Another picture of Luke wearing his big cousin Ethan's hat! Just look at the cute grin!

Ethan has a mustang! Wilson got to drive it around Ethan's house two different times. He thought it was pretty cool. Luke rode with Ethan driving and had fun too. These two will be a dangerous pair in about 10 years!

We had a great time visiting Mimi, Poppy, and Aunt Katie in Florida. Katie celebrated a birthday and we all ate at her favorite Italian restaurant. It was yummy. We also got to go to Katie's College Campus and look around at her school. Andy found 3 new root beer bottles at a cool little shop to add to his collection. One of my favorite outings was when the girls hopped in the car (without any children!) and went shopping together. It was a great trip and we look forward to visiting Mimi and Poppy again soon!

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