July 15, 2007

Let me introduce you to Mr. Peebles!

Mr. Peebles is a long time friend of the youth group Andy leads. He is a monkey and he is now featured on the new youth mission trip shirt! Andy designed the t-shirt using Charissa's stuffed animal, Mr. Peebles. Mr. Peebles has been on most youth overnight trips since 2003. He is the cute monkey with the bling. The bling say's Christ Church Youth. The shirt is such a hit that people not in the youth group were wanting to buy the t-shirts at church this morning! I don't think that has ever happened before!

Tonight the youth group came over for On Location (the youth travel to a different house each Sunday night in the summer for dinner, fun, and a lesson). Here's a shot of everyone enjoying the chips and salsa. We had taco salads and a veggie tray with dip. The meal went over well, there was hardly any leftovers!

The youth played a game called 4 on a couch and ate peanut butter chip brownies with vanilla icecream. This time, no leftovers! Wilson and Luke loved having the youth over and Will even put on a drum concert for everyone. We had a great time having all the youth over tonight!

Oh, and here is one more picture of Mr. Peebles himself!

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Stephanie said...

I can see why everyone wanted one! They are really cute!