July 12, 2007

Picture Day Nightmare...

OK, so what is it with appointments?! Today, we had a picture appointment scheduled for 9:30. The place opened at 9:00am. They only had been open for 30 minutes and yet still managed to be way behind. We were finally directed into our picture room at 10:00am. Which 30 minutes with a 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 year old is a long time when you're trying to keep them happy for pics. Anyway, we go into the picture room and here is my conversation with the very UNenergetic picture person.

Her: So, what kind of pictures are we taking today?

Me: Some of them together WITH their cowboys boots on. Then, I brought an outfit change for each of them so we can do separate pictures of each one.

Her: Okay, take their shoes off and we'll start with them here.

Me: (In my head) Hunh? I have them in their cowboys boots now. Why would we take the boots off for the boot picture??? But I took the boots off and she actually got a good shot of them.

Then she took some pictures of them in their boots. Maybe boys and boots are a new thing for her to take pictures of. She didn't position them. She very meagerly tried to get them to smile. It was ridiculous. Needless to say when we left we didn't have any cowboy boot pictures b/c they were terrible.

Then she wanted to take pictures of them by themself. In their cowboy boots. I said well I brought different outfits for the individual pics (cute outfits too that I had ironed this morning). She was confused, like I hadn't already told her that. So anyway I changed Luke and she took some pictures of him and he never smiled for her. She just wasn't into her job. If your going to be a children's photographer, you've got to be excited and energetic, right?!??!! Very frustrating experience at a place that had rave reviews from many people I know. So, I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and try them one more time before I completely judge them as a bad picture place.

Remember my appointment time? 9:30am. Guess what time I walked out with pictures in hand (which is a nice added bonus). NOON. We had to wait for our turn to take pictures. Then we had to wait for our turn to look and choose pictures. Then we had to wait for our pictures to print. So during the last wait, the boys and I had lunch next door a Qudoba. It was good and they enjoyed their cheese quesadilla. We went back to get our pictures. They told me it would take 20minutes to print but of course not. We returned after 30 minutes so I was SURE they would already be done and waiting for us. Nope. I had to stand and wait again. I was almost ready to burst into tears. (Sorry about the venting, but it does feel better to get it all out!)

Oh it's Thursday, farm fresh veggie day! The veggie basket this week included: green tomatoes, red tomatoes, roma tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, cucumbers, kale, cauliflower, green peppers, and corn on the cob! I can't wait to make fried green tomatoes!!

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Boo said...

How frustrating!!!! It's annoying to wait like that but with 2 small children...I can't imagine!!!! Plus they are supposed to be a place for children!!! Aaaaaaaaa!