July 5, 2007

Our Little Lukie

Luke had an appointment with an ENT today due to his large number of ear infections over the past 6 months. I was a little nervous but overall glad that maybe his poor little ears would finally get some relief with tubes. The doctor was really nice and said that Luke had fluid on the right ear but no infection. He recommended tubes and we said absolutely. Luke's surgery is scheduled for July 18th. It is very minor, they put him to sleep with laughing gas, insert the tubes and then let him wake up. They said the surgery itself takes only 5minutes. The main part I'm dreading is them taking him away and not being able to go with him when he goes back for surgery. I am glad they are able to get to it so quickly! Hopefully Luke won't have another infection between now and July 18th.

1 comment:

Boo said...

Poor baby! I hope all goes well and I know the tubes wil be a big help. You can't go into the surgery room with him!? I think I'd go crazy!!