July 17, 2007

Think twice before asking us to dog sit!

Okay, you know our dog, Lottie? She is big. A yellow lab, about 60lbs. We're used to her largeness. We're dog sitting for Sadie, a sweet, tiny jack russell. I'm always afraid I'll step on her and I'm not sure what to do for her when she shakes. She loves to jump and lay in my lap. Lottie hasn't fit in my lap since she was a tiny puppy! Anyway poor little Sadie. I think she is somewhat afraid of Lottie. She is also somewhat afraid of two small boys. Wilson and Luke love Sadie dearly. So much so that they want to play with her alot. This makes Sadie nervous. So, Sadie has decided at every possible chance she will try to escape to safety! Can't say I blame her :) .

I'm not quite coordinated and fast enough to block Sadie so she has run out the front door once and I quickly got her across the street. Last night, we let Sadie out in the backyard for one last time before bed. A little while later our doorbell rang (after 10pm mind you!). It was our neighbor who somehow figured out after calling the # on her tag that maybe we were dogsitting the little white dog. We had no idea Sadie had gotten out b/c we didn't know there were any holes big enough for a dog. Well, when we think of holes big enough for a dog we think of bigger holes... I think Sadie can fit through very small holes! Today I came home from a PD and Andy had let the dogs out to go to the bathroom before we went out for dinner. I realized the dogs weren't around and said we better check on Sadie, I don't want her to run away. Andy assured me they had only been out for like 5 min. He went out and checked and ... no Sadie. So then Andy walked around for a while trying to find her. Then he drove around, then we all drove around. Finally about 3 hours later a neighbor a couple of houses down knocked on the door holding Sadie!! We were sooo relieved that she was safe. The neighbor had been calling the # on the tag and had even fed Sadie dinner. She found out from the neighbors last night that we were the (irresponsible) dog sitters so she came a knockin'. It was a little embarrasing. More so to have J&C listen to the messages the neighbor left on their machine about their dog. Sorry guys! We're not letting her out alone ANY more!! She IS safe and sound. We're taking good care of her!

**On a side note, we take Luke into the surgery center at 6:15am tomorrow morning. Ma-maw and Papaw are coming over to watch Wilson so he can stay asleep. I'll update tomorrow on Luke's tubes.

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Stephanie said...

We are praying for you, Lukie!!