January 26, 2009

Another Recipe & Ty's Rolling People!

Tonight we had a wonderful dinner. Thai Chicken with cashews from Annie's Eats blog. I'll link the recipe here. It looked beautiful and tasted wonderful! It was a tad spicy- I'd cut the red pepper from 1/4 tsp to 1/8 tsp unless you like your food spicy. I served this on top of white jasmine rice and served it with steamed snow peas. The recipe was easy, though with all stir-fry, have your ingredients all prepped before you begin because stir fry goes fast!

Big news about Ty! He rolled over twice tonight! But was so worn out from all his hard work that he couldn't do it a 3rd time when we had the camera out. We'll get it posted soon! He's such a big boy!

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